The ICE-CAST - Episode 21 -Fabian Nicieza

The ICE-CAST - Episode 21 -Fabian Nicieza

January 1, 2021


To celebrate the New Year with all of our listeners, this week I have decided to treat you to a sample of the ICE-CAST Live shows we do on social media and You tube.

In this episode, originally broadcast in November 2020, my co-host, Olly MacNamee and I had the pleasure of talking to legendary X-men and New Warriors writer Fabian Niceiza.


We talked about the co creation of Deadpool and of course about his new book X-Men Legends, which is out now, plus lots lots more, form the very beginnings of his career, to his latest work back at Marvel.

The chat has made a bumper episode running to nearly an hour and a half and I am delighted to share it with you today.

If you enjoyed this show, please do tune in to our live shows on Youtube, Twitch and Facebook Live every Thursday at 8pm GMT and Friday at 9pm.

The content, just like the podcast, is all free and we bring you guests from all areas fo comics, from the most obscure indie creators to the biggest names at Marvel and DC and everything in between.



The ICE-CAST - Episode 20 - Jessica Martin

The ICE-CAST - Episode 20 - Jessica Martin

December 20, 2020


For our special 20th episode I chat with Actor, Singer, writer and of course Comic Artist, Jessica Martin.

We go into some detail about how she got into acting, working on shows like Spitting Image and Doctor Who and how her childhood love of comics eventually returned and became another career path.


Not only do we discuss the wonderful books she has created in the last few years, but we are also treated to a sneak peak at the new projects she is currently working on.


The ICE-CAST - Episode 19 -Emma Vieceli

The ICE-CAST - Episode 19 -Emma Vieceli

December 13, 2020


(Photo taken at ICE Margate - courtesy of Leonard Sultana)

This week on the ICE-CAST I take a trip back to the mysterious times of the early noughties when my guest EMMA VIECELI was an emerging comic creator and also a TV Presenter.

But since then she has established herself as a respected professional artist and writer with her work on top titles like Supergirl, Alex Ryder and Young Avengers. 


She is also the co creator of the web comic "Breaks" and writer on the Titan Comic hits series "Life Is Strange".

We had great fun catching up and reminiscing and talking about her incredibly diverse career.


The ICE-CAST - Episode 18 -Paul B Rainey

The ICE-CAST - Episode 18 -Paul B Rainey

December 6, 2020


This week I was delighted to read that my good friend and master cartoonist Paul B Rainey was the winner of this year’s Observer Jonathan Cape Comica Graphic Short Story Prize.


So I thought I would drop him a line to see if it had gone to his head and changed him yet ;-)

To my surprise I found he was still the same good old Paul I know... moaning about not selling enough comics and making me laugh out loud while doing so. 

Somehow Paul's work is both steeped in pop culture, while remaining quintessentially British in it's flavour and it's humour. He is a unique voice in British comics and our chat we look back over a 30 year career that includes original indy titles such as The Book Of Lists and There's no Time Like The Present

We discuss everything from how to find your audience as a self publisher to the Americanisation of Coronation Street and  - of course - how it feels to win the coveted prize.


The ICE-CAST - Episode 17 -Marc Jackson

The ICE-CAST - Episode 17 -Marc Jackson

November 28, 2020


This week on the ICE-CAST I talk to cartoonist and events organiser Marc Jackson about the high and lows of being a self employed self publisher, working for the Beano, imposter syndrome and the challenges of putting on a comic convention.

You remember those right? ;-)


We also have an in depth chat about character creation and drawing inspiration for comics from other media like film and TV.



The ICE-CAST - Episode 16 -Damian & Helena Edwardson

The ICE-CAST - Episode 16 -Damian & Helena Edwardson

November 22, 2020


This week I catch up with two of my favourite people -not just in the world of Indy Comics-  but in the whole wide world! 

Damian & Helena Edwardson have been friends of mine since we attended art college together in Wrexham way back in the mid 90s and they have both been amazing artists since I knew them.

But now they have also made their mark on the world of comics here in the UK with two great books and their regular, and welcome, presence at comic conventions as exhibiting artists ART9TWO across the country, including ICE of course.


We had a great time catching up... and, as it may be apparent on this episode, we sometimes forgot we were being recorded and it was just like old times.

Check out both of there work on their website here:


The ICE-CAST - Episode 15 -Dan Abnett

The ICE-CAST - Episode 15 -Dan Abnett

November 14, 2020


Truly one of the most prolific writers in comics, not to mention over 50 prose novels under his belt, a chat with Dan Abnett is a true walk through the history of various well known sci fi and fantasy universes. 


From Marvel, to DC Comics, to Warhammer and Valiant Comics, not to mention his huge contribution to 2000ad and the Judge Dredd Megazine if you love comics, chances are you have enjoyed Dan's work at some point.


This episode of the ICE-CAST we enjoyed a fun and relaxed chat about as many of these universes as possible, and still only scratched the surface of this amazing writer's career.

The ICE-CAST - Episode 14 -Steve MacManus

The ICE-CAST - Episode 14 -Steve MacManus

November 8, 2020

This week on the ICE CAST I speak to arguably the Mightiest Tharg of all STEVE MACMANUS, who helmed the Galaxy's Greatest Comic during it golden age from 1979 to 1986.


Many subjects are covered including dangerous stunts that sub editors have to do, to the importance of Red Wine in an interview. And of course working with legendary creators like Pat Mills, John Wagner and Alan Moore.


And of course we talk about some of the amazing artists who worked on 2000ad during those golden years and beyond.

Obviously we only skim the surface in this 1 hour of chat, so be sure to order your copy of Steve's book: "Mighty One: My Life Inside The Nerve Centre" for all the juicy details!



The ICE-CAST - Episode 13 -Ben Cullis & The 77

The ICE-CAST - Episode 13 -Ben Cullis & The 77

October 31, 2020


Is this the new British renaissance in comics??

In an effort to find out this week Shane does his best to get a word in edgeways with the mighty Ben Cullis, the main man behind the exciting new British Comics Anthology The 77, which has been a huge success on Kickstarter, featuring some of the most sought after creators in British indy comics today.


This is a really in depth and fun chat about the highs and lows of publishing in todays comics market with some great insights into the editorial process and news about some of the new projects in the wings.

Ben and his team have worked incredibly hard to get this comic book into the eager hands of fans across the globe, and we find out how it was done during this lively chat.

The ICE-CAST - Episode 12 - Kev F Sutherland

The ICE-CAST - Episode 12 - Kev F Sutherland

October 25, 2020


This week Shane speaks to an artist and writer who has not only drawn comics professionally for over 3 decades for publishers like 2000ad and Marvel but he has also organised comic conventions, brought the magic of comics to thousands of school children through his Masterclasses and brought laughter to even more people through his popular stand up comedy and TV work. 


Kev F Sutherland is now bringing us brand new original, self published comic books, which give a surprising 1970s spin to those age old Shakespeare plays we all know and love.


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