The ICE-CAST - Episode 15 -Dan Abnett

The ICE-CAST - Episode 15 -Dan Abnett

November 14, 2020


Truly one of the most prolific writers in comics, not to mention over 50 prose novels under his belt, a chat with Dan Abnett is a true walk through the history of various well known sci fi and fantasy universes. 


From Marvel, to DC Comics, to Warhammer and Valiant Comics, not to mention his huge contribution to 2000ad and the Judge Dredd Megazine if you love comics, chances are you have enjoyed Dan's work at some point.


This episode of the ICE-CAST we enjoyed a fun and relaxed chat about as many of these universes as possible, and still only scratched the surface of this amazing writer's career.

The ICE-CAST - Episode 14 -Steve MacManus

The ICE-CAST - Episode 14 -Steve MacManus

November 8, 2020

This week on the ICE CAST I speak to arguably the Mightiest Tharg of all STEVE MACMANUS, who helmed the Galaxy's Greatest Comic during it golden age from 1979 to 1986.


Many subjects are covered including dangerous stunts that sub editors have to do, to the importance of Red Wine in an interview. And of course working with legendary creators like Pat Mills, John Wagner and Alan Moore.


And of course we talk about some of the amazing artists who worked on 2000ad during those golden years and beyond.

Obviously we only skim the surface in this 1 hour of chat, so be sure to order your copy of Steve's book: "Mighty One: My Life Inside The Nerve Centre" for all the juicy details!



The ICE-CAST - Episode 13 -Ben Cullis & The 77

The ICE-CAST - Episode 13 -Ben Cullis & The 77

October 31, 2020


Is this the new British renaissance in comics??

In an effort to find out this week Shane does his best to get a word in edgeways with the mighty Ben Cullis, the main man behind the exciting new British Comics Anthology The 77, which has been a huge success on Kickstarter, featuring some of the most sought after creators in British indy comics today.


This is a really in depth and fun chat about the highs and lows of publishing in todays comics market with some great insights into the editorial process and news about some of the new projects in the wings.

Ben and his team have worked incredibly hard to get this comic book into the eager hands of fans across the globe, and we find out how it was done during this lively chat.

The ICE-CAST - Episode 12 - Kev F Sutherland

The ICE-CAST - Episode 12 - Kev F Sutherland

October 25, 2020


This week Shane speaks to an artist and writer who has not only drawn comics professionally for over 3 decades for publishers like 2000ad and Marvel but he has also organised comic conventions, brought the magic of comics to thousands of school children through his Masterclasses and brought laughter to even more people through his popular stand up comedy and TV work. 


Kev F Sutherland is now bringing us brand new original, self published comic books, which give a surprising 1970s spin to those age old Shakespeare plays we all know and love.


The ICE-CAST - Episode 11 -Mike Collins

The ICE-CAST - Episode 11 -Mike Collins

October 17, 2020


From Transformers to Doctor Who, from the Uncanny X-Men to The Flash, Mike Collins has drawn them all.


He is also an accomplished writer and story boarder and in this weeks ICE-CAST we also go behind the scenes at the BBC as Mike reveals how some of the most memorable moments from Doctor Who might never have happened if not for his willingness to put Peter Capaldi in danger on set! (We joke of course) :-)


The ICE-CAST - Episode 10 -Jimmy Broxton

The ICE-CAST - Episode 10 -Jimmy Broxton

October 10, 2020

This weeks episode is a bumper two hour interview with the amazing 2000ad artist Jimmy Broxton.


It's delves deep into his career and includes some very frank and candid details of his experiences in the industry and how he feels about the future of comics. This episode is not for the faint hearted.

You have been warned! 


It also delves deeply into his working methods and Shane and Jimmy talk about his most notable works including Wool and Goldtiger and look forward to the latest Hope chapter in 2000ad. 


The ICE-CAST - Episode 9 -Dan Cornwell

The ICE-CAST - Episode 9 -Dan Cornwell

October 3, 2020

dans-webphoto.jpegIt's great when a small press artist makes the leap into professional comics and on this week's ICE-CAST Shane chats with a talented artist that has done just that. 

Judge Dredd and Rok Of The Reds artist DAN CORNWELL shares his story of success with us and we delve into his influences and ambitions and look back with nostalgia into the early 90's small press scene.


Dan also talks about working with the Legendary writers John Wagner and Alan Grant hot of the heels of yet another successful Kickstarter for the Rok The God Trade Paperback, which is out now.

The ICE-CAST - Episode 8 -Doug Braithwaite

The ICE-CAST - Episode 8 -Doug Braithwaite

September 20, 2020

As promised, this week we are delighted to bring you a bonus Sunday episode of The ICE-CAST featuring a true master artist working in comics today: Doug Braithwaite.


He's worked for all the biggest publishers and on all of the iconic characters from both Marvel and DC as well as his own co creation with Dave Hine the brilliant Strom Dogs that was published through Image.


He was also instrumental in the revival of Valiant Comics. In this episode he talks about how he broke into comics in the eighties and how his style has developed over the years.

This is one not to be missed!

The ICE-CAST - Episode 7 - Laurence Campbell

The ICE-CAST - Episode 7 - Laurence Campbell

September 19, 2020

We are treating you to two episodes of the ICE-CAST this weekend as it would have been the weekend of ICE Birmingham. (Thanks a bunch Covid 19). 

There will also be a bonus Facebook-live stream on Sunday 20th September in addition to the bonus Sunday creator interview that you will be able to watch on the ICE Facebook page.

But first up we are delighted to welcome the amazing BPRD and Punisher artist Laurence Campbell to The ICE-CAST.


In this illuminating chat Shane talks to the artist about his working methods in great detail and about how he broke into the comic industry. 

Laurence also talks about his most recent work with new publisher AWA and his 7 years at Dark Horse Comics working in the Hellboy Universe or the "Mignolaverse" as it is know by fans.

The ICE-CAST - Episode 6 - Lew Stringer

The ICE-CAST - Episode 6 - Lew Stringer

September 12, 2020

The ICE-CAST welcomes legendary cartoonist Lew Stringer this week as Shane chats to him about his whole career both as a writer, artist and comics historian. From his work for Marvel UK, to his work for Viz and his great self published comics that he sells at conventions and online.


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