The ICE-CAST - Episode 16 -Damian & Helena Edwardson

November 22, 2020


This week I catch up with two of my favourite people -not just in the world of Indy Comics-  but in the whole wide world! 

Damian & Helena Edwardson have been friends of mine since we attended art college together in Wrexham way back in the mid 90s and they have both been amazing artists since I knew them.

But now they have also made their mark on the world of comics here in the UK with two great books and their regular, and welcome, presence at comic conventions as exhibiting artists ART9TWO across the country, including ICE of course.


We had a great time catching up... and, as it may be apparent on this episode, we sometimes forgot we were being recorded and it was just like old times.

Check out both of there work on their website here:


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